Petitfee is renowned for it's eyepatch products in Korea as well as other countries.
Koelf is another brand from Petitfee. 

[Product List]
Petitfee Albutin & Q10 Spot & Eye Patch 
Petitfee 98% Collagen & Q10 Spot & Eye Patch   
Petitfee Gold &EGF Spot&Eye Patch 
Petitfee Ginseng & EGF Spot &Eye Patch 
Petitfee Black Pearl &Gold Spot & Eye Patch 

Petitfee Gold & EGF Hydrogel Mask Pack(5sheet-1pack) 
Petitfee Hydro Gel Essence Mask(5sheet-1pack)

Koelf Gold&Royal Jelly Eye Patch
Koelf Ruby&Bulgarian Eye Patch
Koelf Pearl&Share butter Eye Patch

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